LIVE FROM THE KITCHEN: Holy Mary mother of God.... Posted on 26 Aug 02:26

......THESE chocolate fudge cupcakes with vanilla buttercream & sprinkles are the bomb diggity, you guys.

Need some?

Call me now.


LIVE FROM THE KITCHEN: Gluten Free! Posted on 10 Aug 08:56

Today & tomorrow I'm whipping up some fundamental gluten-free baked goods:  The Chocolate Chip Cookie & The Vanilla Cake.

Stay tuned!

TIP-O-THE WEEK: Why is there bread with my cookies??? Posted on 4 Aug 02:35

If you happen to receive any of my cookies, you will undoubtedly encounter a piece a white bread in loose plastic wrap.

No, it's not the remnants of a forgotten sandwich I was making ?

Placing a piece of bread in a ziplock bag along with your cookies will keep them fresher longer. Just don't place it directly on top, put a piece of parchment or plastic between the bread & the surface of your goods.

After 2 days, check your bread & if it's gotten hard (as it will do) replace it with a fresh slice ?

LIVE FROM THE KITCHEN: Dinner Party Dessert Combo! Posted on 2 Aug 01:43

So these very lovely people that I know (Hi Rachel, Hi Seth!) ordered an assorted 6 dozen for a party of 15 last night.

Did it up with a trio of faves: the chocolate chip & walnut cookie, the Buckeye & the triple fudge frosted brownie bites.

Up next, experimenting with new flavors of gobbs for yinz guys.....

COOKIE OF THE WEEK: Fabian's World Famous Chocolate Chip & Walnut Posted on 29 Jul 23:59


Morning, yinz guys.

I've got orders to fill for this weekend so I'll be baking up a bunch of my chocolate chip & walnut cookies & I'm super happy to drive some over to you (or drive to the PO & ship some out 2 Day Priority) on Saturday.

Delivery hours 2-6pm, just in time for your Saturday evening festivities.

ORDER TODAY, pay now or pay at your door!

2 DOZEN MINIMUM- $30 Total, INCLUDES delivery to your door!

LIVE FROM THE KITCHEN: Messing Around with Falafel Posted on 27 Jul 11:08


I LOVE Middle Eastern food.

But I have to say that in my travels, I have tasted a mighty bad falafel or seven.

Today I tried out a baked, NOT fried (believe me, if I were "treating" myself, they'd be fried) recipe.

I will be putting these suckers into the Fabian recipe book along with a spot on tahini-yogurt sauce.


TOMATO SAUCE 101: Puttanesca Sauce Posted on 26 Jul 05:33

I could easily solely subsist on tomato sauce of various flavors.

Hungry yet?


MORNING BAKE: Zucchini Bread Posted on 26 Jul 01:41

Nothing better than being the recipient of a delicious mid-July zuke that's as big as a baby.

Want one?