Get Your Christmas On....... Posted on 2 Dec 04:39

Hey folks, 23 days remain!

Delivering throughout the month...cookie trays, nut rolls, party dips & apps......ANYTHING you need for your holiday celebrations and gifts.

Why not have some fresh baked cookies delivered to your loved one's door this year?

Last day for orders for DECEMBER 23RD DELIVERY is MONDAY, DECEMBER 19TH.

Help A Gal Out, Will Ya? Posted on 15 Nov 02:52

On Monday, I will have a total of 4, that's FOUR, extra nut rolls available (all with raisins) for delivery or pickup within the Pittsburgh area.

I'd rather sell them whole (they run about 18" in length) but would be willing to do halvsies, possibly.

$18 & one is yours to enjoy.

And as always, DELIVERY IS FREE.

Hit me up. First come first to go home with one.

Thanksgiving, my friends.... Posted on 29 Oct 07:41

.........will be upon us before you know it.

And everything has been updated here on the site for your ordering convenience!

If you have any questions, please feel free to message me.




LIVE FROM THE KITCHEN: Holy Mary mother of God.... Posted on 26 Aug 02:26

......THESE chocolate fudge cupcakes with vanilla buttercream & sprinkles are the bomb diggity, you guys.

Need some?

Call me now.


LIVE FROM THE KITCHEN: Gluten Free Posted on 16 Aug 03:49



It was a pretty successful Gluten Free week of baking here in the kitchen. Remarkably surprised as to how delicious things have turned out thus far........

Chocolate cake on the agenda for later today!

LIVE FROM THE KITCHEN: Gluten Free! Posted on 10 Aug 08:56

Today & tomorrow I'm whipping up some fundamental gluten-free baked goods:  The Chocolate Chip Cookie & The Vanilla Cake.

Stay tuned!

TIP-O-THE WEEK: Why is there bread with my cookies??? Posted on 4 Aug 02:35

If you happen to receive any of my cookies, you will undoubtedly encounter a piece a white bread in loose plastic wrap.

No, it's not the remnants of a forgotten sandwich I was making ?

Placing a piece of bread in a ziplock bag along with your cookies will keep them fresher longer. Just don't place it directly on top, put a piece of parchment or plastic between the bread & the surface of your goods.

After 2 days, check your bread & if it's gotten hard (as it will do) replace it with a fresh slice ?

LIVE FROM THE KITCHEN: Dinner Party Dessert Combo! Posted on 2 Aug 01:43

So these very lovely people that I know (Hi Rachel, Hi Seth!) ordered an assorted 6 dozen for a party of 15 last night.

Did it up with a trio of faves: the chocolate chip & walnut cookie, the Buckeye & the triple fudge frosted brownie bites.

Up next, experimenting with new flavors of gobbs for yinz guys.....

COOKIE OF THE WEEK: Fabian's World Famous Chocolate Chip & Walnut Posted on 29 Jul 23:59


Morning, yinz guys.

I've got orders to fill for this weekend so I'll be baking up a bunch of my chocolate chip & walnut cookies & I'm super happy to drive some over to you (or drive to the PO & ship some out 2 Day Priority) on Saturday.

Delivery hours 2-6pm, just in time for your Saturday evening festivities.

ORDER TODAY, pay now or pay at your door!

2 DOZEN MINIMUM- $30 Total, INCLUDES delivery to your door!

LIVE FROM THE KITCHEN: Messing Around with Falafel Posted on 27 Jul 11:08


I LOVE Middle Eastern food.

But I have to say that in my travels, I have tasted a mighty bad falafel or seven.

Today I tried out a baked, NOT fried (believe me, if I were "treating" myself, they'd be fried) recipe.

I will be putting these suckers into the Fabian recipe book along with a spot on tahini-yogurt sauce.